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 JDBC data source not working after upgrade to 20.3.3 (UIM and OC)

posted 06-09-2021 05:47 AM
I have just upgraded to 20.3.3 and my (custom) jdbc data sources on my dashboard does not work anymore. When testing the query I just get a spinning wheel.

Some time ago I followed this


Has anyone else experienced this?

OK, the queries work fine in the dashboard designer, it's when looking at the published dashboard the SQL tables won't load any data (No data to display).

I just opened a case about a similar behavior - you don't indicate where you upgraded from but for me most of this stuff worked in 8.x/9.x but has been broken in 20.x.

In my case it's related to the list widget which probably isn't the same issue you are having unless the issue is at the point of interacting with the database. As opposed to composing the query syntax or invoking it.
I think I found what my issue was.
The password for this user/database was changed over a month ago, but I never made the correction in the data source. When removing the SQL data source with the wrong password it works correctly again.

In UIM/OC 20.3.1/20.3.2, I did not have the problem that ALL my SQL tables stopped working across every dashboard just because I loaded the one with an incorrect password.