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 change CI hostname to serial number for auto ticketing.

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posted 06-13-2021 01:48 AM

We have an integration between Spectrum & Sdm in place. All the assets are creating/maintaining in SDM by CMDB team in sdm with all to necessary information. 

Auto ticketing is working fine. But the issue is sometimes in CMDB, CI do not has same hostname as it discovered in spectrum.

for example, we have CI available COMPUTERPC in CMDB but in spectrum it is discovered with fqdn i.e COMPUTERPC.XYZ.NET.COM , so when spectrum create a ticket related to these devices hostname doesnot matches, thus it creates a new CI under discovered hardware CLASS. 

so in this case, we have many duplication. Is it possible spectrum checks CI Serial number in CMDB while creating the ticket and not the hostname to avoid the duplication???

#spectrum integration

PLs advise. ​​​​
Broadcom Employee
spectrum is part of NetOps so post this there: