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 Standalone PRD chart links

posted 05-03-2021 05:42 AM

Up until UIM/DXI 9.20 we had Flash Based UMP portal where any report generated in PRD could be passed on to business by generating a 'chart_url' which let end user to review performance on their own and it also gave real time data
However, with UIM 20.3 onwards this portal no longer exists as it has been replaced by OC. Could someone please advice if a similar feature is available with this version too.
I've trying go through documents without much success and unable to find this information.

Broadcom Employee
It's my understanding it is in the roadmap.
20.3.3HF1 supplies a report scheduler webapp that lets you schedule Metric Viewer and SLA reports. 
Metric Viewer is the PRD replacement.

Well I was referring to this feature in previous versions.
Also, would like to know if this new Metric Viewer would then support Custom QoS. I know the older Metric tab in USM didn't like custom qos.
Custom qos is displayed correctly in 20.3.3 if you have a correct met_type and ci_type defined in CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_DEFINITION and CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION for your custom qos definitions
Custom QOS are not displayed correctly if ci_type is the same for the two different QOS - and depending on the aggregation functions selected. You will get undesired results for instance if you have two custom logmon generated QOS items and you try to do a max last 7 days on one of them and last value on the other. It will get the RN table wrong for one of the two (depends on their original creation order I think) and so fail to retrieve data in the query.