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 Robot-Support for Windows Server 2022

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Matthias Gruber posted 09-23-2021 12:23 PM

Hopefully nobody dropps laughing off his/her chair, I know BC is struggeling to keep the pace for delivering working probes for actual software-versions, even a dirscan for Windows Server 2019 is late etc.p.p.

Well.... Windows 2022 has hit the road this August 2021 (at least in Germany)

In which Q of the next year will be a supported robot for that OS well naturally the typical needed probes ntservices, processes, dirscan, logmon, cdm, also otherwise it is useless ??

Propably there is still a supported, and I didnt found the notice, then my big apologies, and a hint where to find would be great

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Nico Mueller


I want push this thread as this question came up internally.
When can we expect official support for Windows Server 2022?

It doesnt show in Probe Compatibility Matrix: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/unified-infrastructure-management/20-3/installing/product-compatibility/ca-uim-compatibility-matrix.html

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Broadcom Employee Ravishu Arora

We are indeed working on some procedural updates to speed up the platform support update speed and I wanted to hash it out before responding to your post.

However, not to bring too much of a surprise to your day, we do plan to add Windows 2022 support to at least our Category 1 System Probes by the end of Q1-CY22. Unless of course, dear ol' Murphy decides to step in... :)

Nevertheless, if there are any specific probes that you are looking for, please do respond to this post with your list so that we can try to accommodate them in the first tranche.
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Olaf Pape
@Ravishu Arora
Thanks for this information.
Can you please list the Cat 1 System Probes, then it is easier for us external people to decide which other probes are important at the beginning.​
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Garin Walsh
So if I had to put together a list for day one support it'd be:

Base requirements: controller/spooler/hdb/hub
Product maint requirements: ADE, baseline_engine, prediction_engine, ppm, distsrv, httpd
Base probe requirements: cdm, dirscan, logmon, net_connect, ntevl, ntperf, ntservices, processes, snmptd, sysloggtw
Installers: nimldr, Nimbus Infrastructure.exe, robot_update package, install_* packages
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Matthias Gruber
Hi Garin,

I would expect also a rsp (as Server, and also as system rsp'd by the Server)