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 Dirscan and file age

posted 03-18-2021 07:32 AM
I would like to use dirscan to check for the age of a file in a directory. I only need it to do that once a day but the schedule option does not appear to be working. Is it possible to schedule when dirscan can run a check?
Thank you
It should work. Here's an example that runs once daily at 4:00am

type = Recurring Event
time_type = once
updated = yes

Pretty much all the probes that have a schedule option use the iCalendar format specification. So, many times you will be unable to specify the desired pattern in the GUI but you can generally manually create the string (there are a bunch of tools on the web to create the string) and supply that using raw configure. Note that it is likely that the string will get replaced/corrupted/updated any time you use the GUI subsequently to edit the configuration but that's a small price to pay if you need it. It's also an open question if the probe will react correctly to the non-nimsoft-standard string but try it in test to see.
Thanks Garin, will look at this, just one thing in the top right hand of the probe configuration screen there is an option of schedule but no options in the drop down to select, I assumed this was where a schedule should be configured.
Thank you
Schedules are defined on the "Setup" page - reach that via the left most icon with the red check marks on it.

Thanks Garin, not sure how I missed that, thanks again
Yea, you'd think that having one of the options in that schedule dropdown be "Add New..." might have been a simple and well received enhancement.