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 Portfolio Item Copy fails - missing parent

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Wendy Ronitz-Baker posted May 03, 2022 04:36 PM
I am trying to use the app "Portfolio Item Copy" to copy a work item and all its children. It keeps failing when I click copy with the error "parent should not be null":
The work item does have a parent on it. But I notice the app doesn't give me the option to say "Copy To:" and specify the parent for the copied work item. The settings of the app also don't give me the option to specify a parent for the copied work item. What am I missing? How do a specify the parent for the copied work item? I am OK for it to go under the same parent as the original work item, but the app isn't doing that either.
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Broadcom Employee Danny Saro

Hi Wendy,

I happened to be looking into this app myself. The app does work in my case.

Portfolio items that have a parent are copied to the target project and the copied PI becomes "parentless" in there. I assume that in your subscription the "parent" attribute was marked as a required field?


Danny Saro

Client Services Consultant

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