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 Cumulative Flow Diagram showing Portfolio Item States

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posted 01-11-2021 07:00 AM

Dear Rally community

Rally is providing multiple Cumulative Flow Diagrams (E.g. for Iteration, for Release, for Portfolio Item or for Project), but all seem to be rolling-up information from User Story level and displaying those US Schedule States. Now my question is: would it be possible to display the State of my lowest level Portfolio Item instead of US Schedule States?

Context: in my organisation we have different states for lowest level portfolio item (Feature) to indicate sub-states of “in progress”. Showing those Feature States would give more information than US Schedule State which is only having one state “In-Progress”.


Thank you for your help!

Broadcom Employee Best Answer
Hello Iben,

My initial thought is to experiment with a Custom App called Super Customizable CFD. You can find the App in the Rally Community GitHub account here

The settings in this App allow you to choose the Portfolio Item (Feature) and then Group By: Portfolio Item State. If you could test/experiment with this and then provide feedback if there are any gaps or it provides the data visualization you are expecting. It is a Custom App so you have to use the Custom HTML App to add. Let us know if you need help with that too.

The main things to configure in Settings are:

  • Artifact Type: E.g. Feature 
  • Group By: pick the attribute of the artifact type that will be used for generating the summary data for the chart. E.g. State
  • Measure: pick the attribute for how the data summary should be calculated. E.g. Count or Plan Estimate etc. there are a few options there too.

Direct link to the Super Customizable CFD App is: https://github.com/RallyCommunity/super-customizable-cfd