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 Auto Reset Jobs on Abort

posted 02-12-2021 11:38 AM

I'm wondering if someone could share condition logic on an effective way to reset a job automatically on abort and then send a notification that it is restarting. My Automic environment goes through spells where jobs will fail randomly and I'm not sure why. So, while I research, it would be nice to have them automatically reset and send notification and not have to login late at night to address these issues, when they simply need reset to finish. I'm currently running Applications Manager 9.1.1.

Any help would be appreciated. 

Hi Chris,

I had a similar need to check on "Launch error" status. Sometimes for whatever reason, on rare occasion my  AppWorx jobs will go into Launch Error in the backlog. So I have a pair of conditions in a monitoring job.  The first condition evaluates a subvar to see if any jobs have "Launch Error" status. This could also be a abort status if you want.  If the subvar evaluates to true, a job is requested that attempts a reset on the job(s) in error.  Then the next condition sends an email (SEND NOTIFICATION)  that the jobs were reset. 
The monitoring job is set to run all day all night every few minutes.