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CA API Developer Portal 3.1

By Bill Oakes, CISSP posted 05-29-2015 07:45 PM


CA has introduced exciting improvements with the release of CA API Developer Portal v3.1, introducing support for both SOAP and RAML, SoapUI integration, and a host of other new features and improvements.

Key Updates



SOAP support

Ability to publish & manage SOAP services directly from the Portal

RAML support

Ability to upload a RAML API description and create interactive doc/API Explorer entry

SoapUI integration

Purpose-built plug in for SoapUI lets developers directly access Portal WADLs and WSDLs from within SoapUI

Other new features and improvements include:

  • Password policies - Support for creating and enforcing typical password policies in the Portal
  • Business reports - Profile current users by role; track new developers/ signups
  • Out of band notifications - Ability for the Portal to send an OOB email to administrative users when a task is pending
  • Honeypot/CAPTCHA support - Ability to prevent robots from automatically creating users on the Portal
  • Revenue report - Ability to report on revenue generation per developer over time

This release is available immediately.