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Why we merged the UIM Community into the Infrastructure Management Community

By Anon Anon posted 04-23-2015 11:41 AM


Hello IM Community,


On March 16 of this year we completed a migration that blended the UIM Community, both its followers and content, into the already existing Infrastructure Management Community.

There are two (2) fundamental reasons why we unified the two communities:

  1. To allow for more robust networking of Customers with each other
  2. To make our vision for the future more transparent

To allow for more robust networking of customers with each other
Our user communities are extremely active and full of information that can help our customers get answers quickly and share how they are using CA products to resolve Infrastructure Management problems. The Enterprise Management BU now is responsible for Spectrum, eHealth, SOI, NFA, ADA, MTP, Unified Infrastructure Manager (Nimsoft) and more. Our customers are asking for better Unification of these products through tighter integrations and easier workflows. By combining the UIM community with the Infrastructure Management community we can better understand these workflows and better address the needs of our customers.

To make our vision for the future more transparent

Our vision is: To be the most powerful, comprehensive and easiest, unified Infrastructure Management solution.

Our Multi-year mission: To provide IT teams, within all sized organizations, the most powerful, comprehensive and unified Infrastructure Management tools, in-context analytics and role-based insights, that are consistently perceived as the easiest to implement and manage so they can deliver high quality services to customers.

We believe that by combining these communities we will gain better insight into streamlined role-based workflows between the Enterprise Management Business Unit products as we look to truly provide a Unified experience that is easy to install, setup, maintain and grow your business and delight our customers and yours. 

It is quite possible that in the future we will consider breaking apart the communities by product and we will continue to work with the CA Communities team to address any concerns you might have regarding filtering and notifications as we understand this is a primary concern for the community.

Thank you,


Ken Adamson, VP Product Management
Kathy Hickey, VP Product Management

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