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It’s Time for the 7th CA 2E/Plex Conference Call For Session Ideas.

By Anon Anon posted 02-03-2015 05:05 PM


CA Community customers, partners, and industry influencers from around the world come together at this conference for intense learning, networking and insights to transform their businesses.

We invite you to share your depth of knowledge, product expertise, and lessons learned-both good and bad. We are always on the lookout for diverse agenda ideas focused on technical and business topics of interest to our Community.

Attendees want to discuss real time experiences with Databases, Web, Mobile, Cloud, API’s and more, because these projects improve your business while you promote your professional reputation.

Applications are open to our customers, partners, and industry experts. Be a part of CA 2E/Plex History!

If you have a Session Idea you would like to present/discuss, please send an email to today.

P.s. Your idea does not have to be world shattering. You don’t have to invent a time machine. You’d be surprised what you take for granted, that would be incredibly helpful for other folks to know.

Simon Cockayne
Product Owner: CA App Services Orchestrator / CA Plex / CA 2E

Christoph Heinrich
President Ca Plex/CA 2E User Group