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Announcement : PAM 4.3 Alpha build is published

By chivi06 posted Apr 14, 2015 11:02 AM


CA Process Automation r4.3 Alpha build is published and you can access the same from validate.


Register in Validate, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, access the build and provide your valuable feedback.

PAM 4.3 FEATURES (Including Developer kit)


CA Process Automation Connector SDK 1.0

PAM 4.3 provides a new SDK and Eclipse Plugin that will allow developers to create native PAM (Java) connectors in the Eclipse IDE.  The initial version of the SDK supports the most commonly used input and output operator types, including but not limited to text inputs, dropdowns, date selector, passwords, and valuemaps. Operator logic can be tested and validated within the Eclipse IDE prior to deployment, saving significant time in testing and debugging.  Finally, the connector can be hot deployed to a PAM instance for actual execution in a PAM environment.


CA Process Automation Solutions Suite 1.0

As users leverage CA Process Automation more for building “solutions” versus implementing runbooks or processes, we have introduced a new paradigm focused on that usage pattern.

The solution suite is an integrated, easy to use UI which provides end to end support for developing, testing and deploying "solution" as composite applications.

A solution can have one or more “Activities” which are essentially trigger response pair where the triggers could be user interactions, in bound API calls or Schedule driven and the response is represented by a process. The new UX also provides a way to define solution level configuration parameters, Datasets, Dependencies, Script libraries, etc which are used for designing and configuring a solution.

Once a solution is developed and tested, it is deployed in to a Solution server wherein a Solution Administrator can configure the dependencies and monitor them.

User activities can be accessed via the end user UX where users can submit and track them. This UX is completely responsive and works well on Phone, Tablet and a desktop.

Please reach out to me in case you need any help.

Thank You.

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