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Updates to Aging Ideas

By CarolPiccus posted 04-07-2017 12:43 PM


As part of the ongoing updates to the Idea backlog, we will be moving several Ideas to the "Not Planned" stage due to lack of support across the Service Management community. As such, we have determined that Ideas still in a "New" or "Under Review" stage that have not been updated since 2015 and have a score of 10 or less will be moved to "Not Planned".


If you find that an idea that is moved to "Not Planned" should be reconsidered, we welcome you to create a new idea but ask for you to please consider searching the community first to find a synergistic idea and vote on it. If you need to create a new idea, please be sure to document the business problems that would be solved, the use case, the type of user, and the business value expected from having this feature.


Thank you!

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04-07-2017 05:54 PM

Thank you for updating the community Carol!

Updates to Aging Ideas