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By obrta03 posted 08-31-2017 04:43 PM


It happens: you’ve written a comment in Flowdock, then you realize that there’s already a related thread in the Flow. What do you do?

Starting today, you can re-thread your message into the right location. When you want to move your post up a single thread, click the re-thread icon in the upper right corner of your message, and it will be added to the end of the thread.

You can also move a message to a thread by clicking the icon on the left of the message and dragging it to the new thread.

Note that this increment doesn’t support re-threading other people’s messages, nor re-threading the first message of a thread with multiple comments.

We hope that this feature will make your team’s conversations even more seamless and fluid. Re-threading is available on the web, desktop and Android versions of Flowdock, and will be available soon on iOS. Let us know what you think!



06-20-2018 06:33 PM

The drag-and-drop is nice!  Couple of tweaks that would make rethreading GREAT:

- if one clicks on rethreading-icon -- if a thread is already open (eg. side-panel), then it should be threaded to THAT thread, context-wise.

- under ALL "rethreading" operations... the newly RETHREADED comment, should be inserted using it's ORIGINAL TIME -- to maintain a better chronology -- especially since the current UI encourages responses into the MAIN PANE, and all attempts to cleanup and organize (after-the-fact) create threads that most often are now out-of-sequence with when the "original comment" was made.    IMHO.

11-30-2017 11:35 AM

Thanks, this feature is a big help, but a couple tweaks would take this from solving maybe 33% of my threading problems to more like 99%.


Currently the re-thread feature takes a message from any thread (or no thread), and moves it to either of the last 2 threads, cycling between them on subsequent clicks of re-thread.


However, frequently I want to unthread a message. And also, frequently I want to move a message to like the 3rd-most recent thread.


Re-threading would be much more useful if it would cycle the destination between more recent threads (I suggest 5, but at least 3 would help), and also no thread (unthreaded).


This change would drastically improve usability.