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Tech Tip - CA Directory - Vulnerability found on rpc.statd

By Renato_Pioker posted 10-20-2017 09:12 AM


Customer identified some vulnerability with the version of rpc.statd running in their CA directory's machines.

CA Directory 12.0.18 (build 12074) Linux 64-Bit, they also use CA SSO 12.52.0105.2112

They want update to the latest version of rpc.statd and want to know if there could be any problem with CA Directory.




rpc.statd controls shutdown/reboot notification for NFS locking.


The only impact this daemon has on CA Directory would be if CA Directory were installed on a NFS mounted drive, as CA Directory uses file locking under $DXHOME/pid to control the running state of the DSA. These locks are held for very short periods of time (sub millisecond) to protect against concurrent access.

The only way an update of rpc.statd would cause a problem was if it introduced a bug. It is safe to say that would be extremely unlikely.


In summary, we don't see this being an issue and we've never seen rpc.statd related issues logged against the product.

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10-20-2017 02:26 PM

Thank you for sharing this tip with the community Renato!

Tech Tip - CA Directory - Vulnerability found on rpc.statd