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APM Administration, Life, and a Single Grain of Rice

By Hallett German posted Feb 22, 2018 12:15 PM


In The Advice from the Tenzo (Cook), Eihei Dogen gives more than a few cooking tips. See


(Image -- Thanks to WIkipedia)


In several points, he discusses on not wasting even a single grain of rice. But whether APM administration, customer service, or daily lives, there are some important lessons to learned by this.


1. It is important to take care in all of our activities no matter how small. Every action counts. A single mindless mistake may mean hours of catching up.


2. A single-minded focus on the outcome. Whether it be a happy customer or a good meal.


3. A strong sense of urgency. Meals or severe problem resolutions have a limited amount of time to be delivered.


4. Work with the limited resources that you have . Whether it is people, hardware/software, time, or something else. Maximize all that is available to you.


5. Consistency of effort. After mastering an activity, do it the same excellent way day and day out. Some days we may be tired or frustrated. But this is a good goal to have.



There is a lot more that I could go into. But I wanted to show how saving each grain of rice can teach us more than we think!

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