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Tech Note : Enable httpclient logging in Access Gateway 12.7

By Mark ODonohue posted Aug 31, 2017 08:51 PM


Documented Process for enabling httpclient logging in Access Gateway  


With Access Gateway R12.7 using the documented way to enable httpclient logging does not work. 

The documented method is to change the server.conf entry: 

    httpclientlog ="yes"


But an extra setting is required in Ag R12.7



For Access Gateway R12.7 it needs : 


In server.conf : 

   httpclient ="yes"

This should be the only setting required.

But httpclient logging uses a common logging module, that can use either SimpleLogging, or log4j or java.util.logging.  The common logging module does some checking at startup, and determines which logging mechanism to use.   Prior to R12.7 the default was java.util.logging, but some change in R12.7 has changed the default. 

You can set the default for common logging to java.util.logging via JVM startup property : 



For Access Gateway R12.7 this needs to be set in : 


For Windows: 



Edit the file and add the parameter : 



For Unix : 


Edit the file and add the parameter :  


It is also raised as an internal Sustaining Engineering ticket, and we expect it will be fixed in a latter CR version.



Raised KD: 

Enable httpclient logging in Agent Gateway 12.7