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Marketplace @CA for CA UIM, Ideas & a Contest.

By Umair.Khan posted 08-26-2015 01:20 PM


Hi CA UIM Users & Partners,


Have you checked the Marketplace for UIM yet? Announced as part of the agile operations launch last month, it provides CA UIM users a seamless way to search and buy CA or third party tested, pre-built monitoring probes, software integrations, and reports. While it provides limited content at the moment, our plan is to continue to add more every month. Our vision for the marketplace is to be one stop shop for all CA UIM add-ons, and allow customers or partners a mechanism to contribute content for free or monetize their offerings. Another unique feature about the marketplace is that you can download trials for various add-ons including our Hadoop and Cassandra monitoring probes. 


Ideas contest coming soon.

What monitoring probes, thirty party integrations or widgets should be created for the marketplace? Please send your ideas at Umair.khan@ca.com. Once all of your ideas are received and reviewed, we will pick the top ideas for a polling contest. If your idea is one of top voted ones, you will get a chance to win gift cards, R/C toys etc. More details to follow but please send me a note on your thoughts (Or comment below)


CA Partners/Consultants Sign up for contribution

If you are CA partner or UIM consultant who wants to add content to the marketplace, please sign up here. Our awesome partner team will reach out and get the process started.