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Welcome to the CA Client Automation “Patch Me” Validation Program.

By Steve Parker posted 04-28-2020 06:57 AM


The pre-release of “CA - Patch Me BETA - Security IntelliRollup v2004.00” is now available in Patch Manager for download and hands-on-testing.

The availability of the “CA - Patch Me - Security IntelliRollup”, once GA, will be part of each Patch Tuesday publication from the Client Automation Content team.

This IntelliRollup includes the following new features:

  • Single rollup to deploy on multiple platforms starting from Windows Server 2012 and above.
  • Enhanced patch applicability logic by utilizing Windows Update Agent API.
  • Patch Deployment Analysis as part of the rollup configure software delivery job.
  • Ability to fall back to rollup INI file for patch applicability if required.

Customers who wish to try this BETA IntelliRollup must first install the following test fix on the Patch Management Server prior to accepting the IntelliRollup. This fix is valid for CA Client Automation 14.0 SP1 and Above:

Instructions to apply the fix are as follows:

  1. Stop tomcat with the command “caf stop tomcat”
  2. Unzip the compressed file with the cazipxp utility.
  3. Run applyptf and browse T55V199.jcl file and follow the instructions in the TXT file.
  4. Start tomcat with the command “caf start tomcat”

To utilize the full capabilities of this IntelliRollup, the target agent must have Windows Powershell and Windows Update Service enabled.

For more information about the rollup prerequisites and usage, please review the rollup patch release notes.


Please share your feedback to the below email id:




06-09-2020 09:26 AM

Thanks @Steve Parker
Well in my case after the "update" of the PM v2005 package, all went just fine.

05-27-2020 06:42 AM

Hi Gabriel,

I spoke with the content team an this is the reply:

Here two things


  1. 1. In case of patch me, it is difficult to put all OS release information in Patched software, Condition for Target section. Due to that we have created a custom release "OS Release For Servicing Stack Bundle" and updated both the sections in  CA - Patch Me - Security IntelliRollup v2005.00. We will update release notes of patch me in next version with 1909 release information 


   I have created patch policy on windows 1909 targets , status changed to  violation




  CA - Patch Me - Security IntelliRollup v2005.00 patch automatically deployed  



  1. 2.  CA - Win 10/Server 2016-2019 - Security IntelliRollup v2005.00, we missed to add the 1909 release to the "Condition for Target" . Updated the 1909 release and re-published the intellirollup 


05-26-2020 06:11 PM

Hello @Steve Parker
The problem is that the "Patched Software" doesn't have any r1909 release. I think when tha patch is "Evaluated" doesn't process Windows 10 r1909 in that evaluation.
Im having the same issue with IntelliRollup 2005, i open a ticket and they confirm that missed to add the 1909 release to the "Condition for Target" and "Patched Software" so they need to re-publish the patch.

Maybe this helps

05-26-2020 10:30 AM

CA - Patch Me - Security IntelliRollup v2005.00" has windows 1909 patches included. These are the below list of patches included as part of patch me intellirollup v2005 for windows 10 1909 version.

2020-04 Servicing Stack - Win10-KB4552152-x86-1903-1909
2020-04 Servicing Stack - Win10-Server-KB4552152-x64-1903-1909
2020-05 Cumulative Update - Win10-KB4556799-x86-1903-1909
2020-05 Cumulative Update - Win10-Server-KB4556799-x64-1903-1909
2020-05 Net Framework 4.8 - Win10-kb4552931-x86-1903-1909
2020-05 Net Framework 4.8 - Win10-Server-kb4552931-x64-1903-1909

05-20-2020 06:28 PM

Today i deploy the .caz to our PM Server to meet the requirements of Path Me Beta patches. But sadly when i tried to use the Patch Me Beta 2004 doesn't support 1909 releases of Windows 10, so the Patch Manager Policy says "Compliant"

The Windows 10 v1909 has 6 months of his release date, when is going to be supported?

05-13-2020 05:57 AM

Hi Everyone,

Has any one had the opportunity during lock down to give the beta a try? If so please let us know at


05-13-2020 05:56 AM

Both the products are actively maintained and developed. At this point of time, there is no plan to merge these products. You can continue using either of the products, which ever best caters to your needs.

I have not had the opportunity to look in detail at the Altiris solution but am happy to get on a call if you would like to know the technical details of CA Client Automation.

05-07-2020 09:00 AM

Hi Steve,

Interesting Product news

We are currently using Altiris Patch Management (which is now a Broadcom Product) and it will be useful to know what is the difference between those two in a technical and strategically perspective.

Will we see a merge between those Products? Or will booth be developed in the future?

Would be nice to know whats the long term strategy of Broadcom is with Altiris and CA Client Automation?