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Meet CA Support Engineer for CA Security Products: Sung Hoon Kim

By Rachel_Macik posted Aug 11, 2015 09:07 PM


Sung Hoom Kim Facebook.jpgSung Hoon Kim has been with CA for over 10 years. To make it easier on his customers, he decided to go by "Kim".


Get the back story on his name in Kim's recent Blog Intro.


“I worked in the construction and Oil & Gas industry as a Scheduler, which eventually brought me to Malaysia. After couple of projects, I got married and was running a cybercafé. Then, I was hired by Netegrity as a Translator for Korean Language. I picked up the SiteMinder product there and was acquired by CA."


Kim was promoted to Senior Support Engineer and invited by to work in Australia. Today, Kim is a Senior Principal Support Engineer.


Throughout his career in support, Kim says the perception of support has changed.


“Some people thought it was just another call center but the weight on technical support and recognition is much greater nowadays.”


One of the ways support has evolved is the curation of Knowledge Articles.


"Our product documentation usually covers what you are supposed to do. Knowledge Articles cover the other side, what to do when it did not work out for you. It also shares lots of in-depth information to help you get a better understanding of the product.”


Outside of work, Kim enjoys gadgets and DIY. Soldering a custom OTG MicroSD usb cables, solving 3d puzzles, listening to music(Kpop) and walking in the beautiful Australian parks when it is sunny and warm.


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