Clarity Modern UX Q&A

By Brian Nathanson posted 08-31-2020 12:19 PM

As part of the Monthly Modern UX End-to-End Demo series, I have taken to responding to attendee questions in written format. I figured there may be value in making this content available to a wider audience, so here you go. The questions listed are not exhaustive; each document contains dozens of questions, but I've highlighted ones that seem to come up frequently or might be useful as reference. [You must be allowed to access the enterprise version of Box in order to download the Q&A PDFs. This may require a security exception from your organization.]

NOTE: These documents are not intended to be a replacement or substitute for our official documentation. These are written from the author's perspective only. If there is a conflict between what is written here and the official documentation, then the official documentation is considered the guiding authority.

September 2020 Q&A including:
  • On [the living] status report, can you change RAG status to add additional custom status colors?
August 2020 Q&A including:
  • Are the links on the Links tab/module specific to the individual project or generic links across all projects?
  • Can you show how that channel is configured?
  • Please show how to modify the CSV file for roadmapping!
July 2020 Q&A including:
  • For card metrics, can you show number of days the project has been active?
  • Can we adjust ETCs in the Assignments module?
  • Can you link types (e.g. link an idea to a project)?
June 2020 Q&A including:
  • Can you please let us know limit on the views and whether we can hide views?