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Rally Newsletter - October 2023

By Michael Lentini posted Nov 02, 2023 12:44 PM

Rally by Broadcom

October 2023

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6 Features in Rally You Might Not Be Using But Should

Want to get more out of your Rally Implementation? Join Aaron Rusty Lloyd as he explores those 6 key features everyone should be leveraging in Rally to power your transformation! 


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Capacity Planning

Understanding Capacity Planning in Under 10-minutes

Leveraging Capacity Planning inside of Rally during PI Planning is one of the best decisions an organization can do. Start building realistic plans! Check out this blog from Eric Nash or watch his video below!


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Zombie Projects

Putting an End to Zombie Projects: How VSM Can Help

Why are we doing this? This is a common question asked when your business and IT are disconnected. Stop teams from wasting time on what we call Zombie Projects; understand how to eliminate them in this blog post.


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BRP Facilitation Guide

Rally's Big Room Planning Facilitation Guide

Big Room Planning (or PI Planning) provides a structured rhythm for planning, executing, and reviewing work at a larger scale. Below is a facilitation guide that resembles how Rally conducts BRP, using Rally of course!


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Value Steam Management Guide

Navigating the Move to VSM: Key Stages to Transformation Success

The realm of possibilities that open up with a Value Stream Management (VSM) approach is truly remarkable. This white paper takes you through the stages that teams should follow to maximize the success of their VSM transformation, providing valuable insights. By employing these concepts, teams can ensure they’re moving in an optimal direction and refine their approaches over time.


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