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Rally Newsletter - September 2023

By Michael Lentini posted Oct 05, 2023 02:09 PM


September 2023

Welcome to the Rally® monthly newsletter.

Product updates, announcements, and resources.

Rally BRP Ep. 3

Best Practices for Big Room Planning Episode 3: Actionable Insights and Outcomes

In episode 3 of this webinar series, we will delve into best practices for running big room planning and the steps to get everyone on the same page prior to the big day. Hear from Todd Galloway, Rally’s Release Train Engineer, and Matt Gorbsky, Rally Product, on how they work together, leveraging Rally analytics, to achieve the best outcomes and get everyone aligned.


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VO ConnectALL Ep. 2

Optimize the Flow of Value with ValueOps ConnectALL

With businesses constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency, maximize value, and remain ahead of the competition, aligning value flows with strategic objectives has become increasingly challenging. Businesses need to connect multiple data sources. Join us for an insightful webinar on how ValueOps ConnectALL gives you a 360-degree view to Unite the Enterprise.


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Serge VSM Blog

If You're Still Focusing on Capacity Planning, Maybe You're Doing VSM Wrong

It’s time for a change; a shift to more positive outcomes. Today's Value Stream Management should be less about traditional capacity planning and more about transformative investment and dependency management. Accelerate the delivery of value.
Serge Lucio, Vice President and General Manager of the Agile Operation Division, explores the competitive benefits of this new business mindset with CIOonline:


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WSJF Video

Understanding Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) in 5 Minutes

Help prioritize and sequence the work in your portfolio with weighted shortest job first (WSJF). But what is WSJF? Watch this video to learn more in five minutes!


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Back to School | VSM 101 | Lesson 7: Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

What is an Objective and Key Result (OKR)? Join Broadcom's Principal Product Manager - Rally Software Aaron Rusty Lloyd as he uncovers: What is an Objective and Key Result (OKR)? The difference between an objective and a key result with examples of each! Don't get left behind.


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