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Jenkins Plug-in and Tree Query Parameters

By Colin Kurrant posted 08-14-2019 07:29 AM

If you work in Jenkins Enterprise (CloudBees), and you use the Jenkins plug-in in Continuous Delivery Director, you can now enable the CloudBees Request Filter Plugin for controlling the amount of data that is fetched from your Jenkins Enterprise (CloudBees) instance.

Using the updated Jenkins plug-in of Continuous Delivery Director, all plugin requests to your Jenkins Enterprise (CloudBees) will include the "tree" query parameter that lets you specify precisely the exact set of data that is required for each API call.

This feature allows you to comply with your organization performance and security guidelines.

To configure the CloudBees Request Filter Plugin to work with tree query parameters:
  1. In Jenkins, from the dashboard, navigate to Manage Jenkins, then Manage Plugins.
  2. Navigate to CloudBees Request Filter Plugin and ensure that the plugin is enabled.
  3. From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Jenkins, then Configure System.
  4. Scroll down to Request Filtering. In the URI Pattern field, enter .*/api/\w+(?!.+tree=.+).* and save.
Set up request filtering in CloudBees

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