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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (JUL 25-31)

By kristen.palazzolo posted 08-01-2016 03:44 PM


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Training Available - CA Identity Suite 12.6.8: Implementation Foundations 200

Register for CA World '16 | November 14 – 18, 2016


Tech Tips & Support Docs

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On: WAMUI R12.52Sp2 not install as Windows service when install in D drive

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :X.509 Cert Authentication with IIS Agent

Tech Tip - CA Identity Management and Governance Last week's Tech Docs

Big Data in Cybersecurity [SLIDES]

Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: Changing the IP Address from ENTM Server

Latest Knowledge Base Articles for Single Sign-On (Formerly CA SiteMinder) [29/7/2016]

[SLIDES] Week 5 - Fine-Grained Host Controls

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On [JULY 2016]

Tech Tip : How to create self signed RootCA/Server/User Certificates using OpenSSL

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On: How to manually uninstall IIS web agent

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On: Unable to startup apache server with error



Big Data in Cybersecurity


Answered Questions

Access Role not getting removed from console

ACO ProxyHeaders Parameter

Sending Multi-valued attributes in assertion

CA Directory R12 Sp18 Backup and Restore plan

CA PAM - Windows Proxy

Session Assurance - SessionDNA

multiple rule for same realm

how to install and configure ca directory?

How to start using Siteminder API?

Syncing real time data between Active Directory and CA Strong Auth DB (SQL Server)

Flat File Connector xpress: Customer don't see "Manage Connector Server"

What are privileged accounts?

Copy Policy Server to a new machine

Repository for authorization

auth scheme usage

What are the secure SiteMinder HTTP Header to pass to Protected Back-end Server (Jboss)

Looking for documention or examples to setup SiteMinder r12.52 as an Oauth2 client to access Google account

Update Attribute of a Specific User

Accessing Auth/auth repository using webservice

Policy Server (redhat) with mssql

Disable Riskminder

Web Agents misbehave after running for days

Use perl to modify Html Form Template based auth schem

smps.log on newly installed r12.52 SP1 CR05 policy servers indicates that policy server is restarting by itself periodically

CA PIM - Installation prerequisites

DLP vs email ingestion


Open Questions

Need to have document of events being sent from CA PAM to syslogs


Data Sync between AD and Strong Auth DB (MS SQL Server)

CleanUp Submitted task failed with unique constraint violation in CA identity Minder12.6.5

How Target URL is set in Login.fcc page?

I have a question,   We have created 3 Campaign Managers  ( Manager 1 ,Manager 2 & Manager 3) apart from AD1\eADMIN who is the real administrator . These 3 Campaign Managers have similar power of AD1\eADMIN but they can’t enjoy the full power of an Admin.

PIM 12.9SP1 Install issues?

SelfService with no questions


New Ideas

Allow SAML integration when IDP and SP on the same domain

Header for the Idle Timeout Value left in a CA SSO Session 

Create document that identifies CA PAM events being sent to syslog

Add Fields to TCP/UDP Service Fields

Allow XPSExplorer to delete objects and all of its links

IDentity Portal: Allow to rename first column "Name"

Identity Portal: Sort by column

Identity Portal: Cannot order column in certification screen

Add additional logging for replication cache

ODBC policy store: Agent Configuration Attribute value should allow over 4000 characters.

IM Support for ACF2 R16

<Device Name> or <Remote IP> option

Allow assigning user to more than 10 PM groups

RHL 7 compatiblity

Ability to modify jpg within Credential Provider

Allow PX to update attribute(s) of specific user

Resource or user settings attributes displayed

Pre-define "Group By" attribute in certfication screen

Autologon through access method Mainframe with CA PAM

A UI authenticate administrator based on LDAP or AD group

CA PAM :Ability to assign tags for Device Groups imported from LDAP


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Advanced Authentication: A Live Online Chat [AUG 2]

Privileged Access Management: Securing the Cloud [AUG 5]

Simplifying Secure Server Access Control: Why Upgrade to CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control [AUG 16]

Office Hours for CA Privileged Access Management: A Live Online Chat [AUG 18]

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat [AUG 25]



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