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The Latest in NetOps Monitoring for Cisco and Versa SD-WAN

By Jeremy Rossbach posted 04-08-2019 09:18 AM


by: Sarbdeep_Singh


CA’s NetOps 19.1 release simplifies Cisco Vipela and Versa SD-WAN management to help you optimize costs and validate the best path for application delivery.


We all know that SD-WAN is the hottest software-defined technology at the moment. But is it really optimized to save you money and also delivery an application experience your customers expect? Luckily SD-WAN vendors such as Cisco and Versa are providing rich programming APIs that enables your NetOps solutions from CA to leverage high-volume SD-WAN performance trend data along with capacity, cost, and projection analytics to evaluate the performance of non-guaranteed transports along with the quality of service of your WAN applications to balance cost and quality.


How are we doing it in the latest release of CA NetOps 19.1? Let’s break it down here with a familiar use case…


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