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NetOps 19.1 Delivers Web-based OneClick Interface for CA Spectrum Users

By Jeremy Rossbach posted 04-26-2019 08:18 AM


by AmitMohanty1


Complex network environments require multiple network operators that diligently keep track of the network ensuring a continued experience for their users and customers. These networks use network monitoring applications like CA Spectrum that rely on server client architecture.  Monitoring applications which are viewed by network operators open up on the client using Java /Jnlp such that they are able to cater to multiple operator personas. While this is a wonderful way to ensure that multiple operators continue to access this network monitoring application, there are associated challenges around regular updates, security vulnerabilities and restarts.


With CA NetOps v19.1, we are proud to introduce the CA Spectrum WebApp (powered by Webswing) which reinforces our focus on ease of use and our commitment to overcomes challenges of opening OneClick client with Java.  The WebApp recreates an exact instance of the webswing application using HTML5 and users no longer need to download a jnlp file or wait for...


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