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CA Integrates NetFlow Data to Expand Its NetOps Portal Views

By Jeremy Rossbach posted 04-15-2019 07:44 AM


by kelch14 (Chazz Kellner, Broadcom Product Management)


CA’s latest network monitoring release streamlines access to key NetFlow data including protocol, host and type of service (ToS); in context and expands your operational awareness in the NetOps Portal.


In the recent CA NetOps v19.1, release, we continue to unify our comprehensive network monitoring into one NetOps Portal (aka CA Performance Center) and are now proud to add network flow data from CA Network Flow Analysis to already unified fault and performance monitoring dashboards from CA Spectrum and CA Performance Management, respectively.


In the NetOps Portal, our “headless NFA” provides detailed flow views and reports and ensures users don’t have to toggle across additional windows or tool sets. Easy workflows from Alarms to Performance to Flow is now seamless and eliminates...


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