Service Virtualization

Virtual Service Catalog Enhancement - SV 10.6

By Giridharan Jagadeesan posted 02-12-2020 12:48 AM

It is costly to reinvent the wheel again. The major concern in the developer and testing community is reusability of test assets. It is always a challenge to know whether a virtual service (VS) is already created, who created it and to download already created VS.

The Virtual Service Catalog has been completely redesigned (the look and feel) so that it is easier to use. We made it easier by providing download VS option (mar format) which your teams can use to share and reuse the assets. It provides information about who deployed the VS, functional/performance VSEs and config details of VS. Also, admin now has the ability to restrict user columns.

With the enhanced VS Catalog, developers and testers now will know who created a VS, which environment the VS is used in (Functional/Performance) and have an option to download mar file to reuse. Learn more in our documentation.