Service Virtualization

Smarter Mocking: IntelliJ Idea IDE with SV 10.6

By Giridharan Jagadeesan posted 02-12-2020 12:47 AM


Developers prefer to be able to conduct all of their work directly from their IDE.  If they have dependencies and need to create virtual services, they want to be able to manage these from their IDE as well.  Virtual services are designed to help developers emulate the missing, unavailable, or costly components or systems so that testing can happen early, errors can be identified quickly, and fixes can happen long before issues enter production systems. 

With Service Virtualization/DevTest 10.6, we have developed IntelliJ Plugin to provide support for developers to create virtual services from the IntelliJ IDE. With this plugin, you can do the following:

  • Create and deploy virtual services from directories of request/response pairs
  • Create and deploy virtual services from Swagger specification files
  • Augment existing virtual services with new request/response pairs
  • Create HTTP and HTTPs virtual service

The IntelliJ plugin can be downloaded and installed from Bintray.

This is a fundamental shift in the way developers create and test software today. It can be defined as a “smarter mocking” and is a new way for developers to have everything they need when they need it in order to be as efficient as possible. Learn more about our IntelliJ Plugin in our documentation.