Service Virtualization

API Enhancement - SV 10.6

By Giridharan Jagadeesan posted 02-12-2020 12:47 AM


One of the key challenges for our customers is to measure the usage of VSE especially that is inactive. This is vital as the usage metrics clearly depicts how the teams are using SV and also help them in analysing how SV is a real cost saver.

A new v3 API simplifies and enhances the user experience; by using this single endpoint you can fetch the inactive VSE metrics without the need to logging into the Workstation or the Portal. With this brand-new API, you can also fetch the active VSE metrics.

Metrics of Active/Inactive VSEs such as - 
  • List of VSEs, VSE name, Hostname, Lifetime transaction count, Up time
  • List of VS, VS name, Status, Transaction count

Learn more about this API in our documentation.