DX Operational Intelligence

Announcing the General Availability of DX Operational Intelligence 20.2!

By Sheenam Gupta posted 09-04-2020 11:15 AM


We are thrilled to announce the general availability release of DX Operational Intelligence 20.2!

DX Operational Intelligence is our AIOps solution which enables enterprises to transform customer experiences and boost operational efficiency. With this release, we are excited to introduce capabilities focused at business service driven monitoring, improving operator workflows to add agility and driving intelligent automation. This release is also an important milestone in reducing the TCO for enterprises interested in hosting and managing the solution in-house or in a hybrid environment. It allows you to now simplify deployment and orchestration with a single package installation for DX Operational Intelligence 20.2 and DX Application Performance Management 20.2.


Improving Operator Workflows for Agility

DX Operational Intelligence 20.2 brings in multiple enhancements to helps operators and subject matter experts prioritize, triage and act upon alarms with all the contextual information from multiple tools integrated in a single view.

Driving Intelligent Automation

This release adds a turnkey integration with “Automic Automation for AIOps” to automate the common triage and remediation workflows and eliminate the manual intervention required to run mundane tasks every time similar issues occur. It only introduces a self-learning recommendation engine that utilizes past heuristics, alarm metadata and user feedback to recommend high confidence workflows pertaining to a particular issue.

Business Service Driven Monitoring

The new topology viewer introduced with DX Operational Intelligence 20.2, enhances the service modelling and triage experience visually. You can now define and update services across network, infrastructure and application domains using the automatically discovered monitored elements and their relationships.

Consolidated Contextual Views through DX Dashboards

We are extremely excited to launch Grafana based DX Dashboards with this release to help you get a single view across multiple monitoring tools integrated with DX Operational Intelligence. We provide out-of-the-box dashboards across application, infrastructure and network layers for user personas including executives, operators and subject matter experts. It also allows you to create custom dashboards and reporting schedules.

For more details on this release, please refer the release notes.