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Layer7 Work in Progress Update - PI35

By Gregory Thompson posted Nov 08, 2023 11:59 AM


PI Planning for PI35 is now complete and development has kicked off. Below you will find the list of items that are included in this PI and a summary of the releases completed in the previous PI. As always, we invite you to provide feedback. We would love feedback on both the current and future PI items to help us prioritize the items that will have the most benefit for our customers.


Recent Releases

The following product versions were released during PI34:

• API Portal 5.2.2 - Release Notes

• API Gateway 11.0 CR 1 - Release Notes

PI35 Key Capabilities


The sections below provide a listing of the key capabilities being worked on across the Layer7 family of products. Note that some capabilities will span multiple PIs. 


API Gateway:

  • 10.1 CR4 release

  • 11.0 CR2 release

  • JDK 17 upgrade

  • Debian 12 upgrade

  • RHEL 9 certification for software gateway

  • SHA256 digest added to software gateway RPM for FIPS mode support

  • Software gateway with RHEL OpenJDK for FIPS mode support

  • [Preview] Layer7 Operator

  • [Preview] OpenTelemetry

  • [Preview] Extended Graphman entity coverage

  • [Preview] Dynamic private key management via Graphman using PEM

  • [Preview] Distributed rate limit using Redis

  • [Experimental] External private key management (policy driven)

  • [Experimental] External private key management (operator driven)

  • [Experimental] Helm chart for Operator

  • [Experimental] Publish Operator to Operator Hub

  • [Experimental] New WebSocket end-to-end support

  • Monthly platform patches (November - January)


OAuth Toolkit:

  • OTK 4.6.2 Release Activities

  • OTK - Scope processing optimization for improved performance

  • Spike: OTK Operator Use for Customization

  • Spike: FAPI 2.0 Analysis

Mobile SDK:

  • SDK 2.4 Release Activities

  • SDK - Limit concurrent users

API Portal:

  • Optimize Portal Memory Resources for JDK17

  • Debian OVA Patch

  • [Spike] Portal Integration with Layer7 Operator Phase 2

  • Secret field support for API Templates

  • Template Management Improvements

  • [Experimental] Decouple OTK from Portal

  • [Preview] API Products: API Versioning Enhancements

  • [Security] Quota Limiting of key endpoints to reduce risk of brute-force attacks

  • Backend routing (API Location) definition per API Proxy

  • [Security] API Hub lib updates to resolve rendering issues

  • [Security] Migrate Backbone pages to React-17 - Authentication Schemes

  • [Security] Ensure password/sensitive data in portal.conf may be secured

  • [Security] User Session Enhancements

  • [Preview] PAPI Support for GraphMan Bundles for Policy Templates


Note that some larger capabilities may span multiple PIs and, as always, plans are subject to change based on a number of different factors.


Candidates for PI36 and Beyond

While the capabilities to be included in the next PI are not yet set, please see below for a list of candidates being considered. Of course, not all of these will fit and we will select a subset of these based on your feedback. We'd love to know if there is a capability in the list you are eagerly awaiting and/or plan to use. We also would love to know if there is something missing from the list that is important to you. Please comment in the comments section below with your feedback.


API Gateway:

  • 11.1 GA release

  • JDK 17 upgrade (continued)

  • Debian 12 upgrade (continued)

  • Start of next Common Criteria evaluation for 11.1

  • [Preview] Extended Graphman entity coverage (continued)

  • [Preview] Enhanced Throughput Quota Assertion for Redis using CRDT

  • [Preview] Require and Introspect OAuth Token Assertion

  • [Preview] Policy as Code

  • [Preview] Distributed Key Value Storage Assertion

  • [Preview] New WebSocket end-to-end support

  • HTTP & HTTP/2 shared port

  • gRPC

  • SNI

  • Container gateway optimizations


OAuth Toolkit:

  • FAPI 1.0 RAR Support

  • FAPI 2.0 Support


Mobile SDK:

  • iOS 18 

  • Android 15


API Portal:

  • GA of API Products

  • Open API Catalog

  • mTLS support for Client Applications

  • Support for central API Key Repo

  • Support for ephemeral gateways

  • Custom-defined user roles

  • Workflow support for API Publishing