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Meet CA Support Engineer for Privileged Identity Manager: Simon Naunton

By Chris_Stallone posted Dec 14, 2015 11:08 AM


How long have you been at CA Simon_Naunton ?388025_262304317157831_1752746937_n.jpg

15 Years.


What was the career path that led you here?

Support Engineer with Synon in London, UK. Taken over by Sterling Software. Moved to Sydney, Australia with Sterling. Taken over by CA.


What product do you support?

Privileged Identity Manager


What keeps you at CA?

The mutual respect employees have for each other.


What is your passion outside of work? What do you like to do?

Cycling and general fitness, and spending time with family/extended family which seems to be growing every year.




What is your educational background?

BA (Hons) Popular Music and Recording from Salford University in the UK.


How has support changed since you started?

Much more professional and consistent in the service we deliver.


Why should people be involved in the communities?

IT is about communication. What better way is there to communicate than open conversation between us all?


Why should customers read Knowledge Articles?

Knowledge documents are generally created from real problems or scenarios that have actually occurred so have great potential to be very relevant to a customer dealing with the same scenario or problem.


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