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Meet CA Support Engineer for APM - Gnanawathy Hareendran

By Chris_Stallone posted 11-18-2015 04:06 PM


How long have you been at CA Yanna ?   Yanna.jpg

Just completed 15 years anniversary.


Are you a dedicated engineer as part of an enhanced support package?

Yes,  I am.


What was the career path that lead you here?

Having an appetite for technology


What product do you support?

CA APM (Application Performance Management


What keeps you at CA?

  • CA Culture

  • EOS

  • Best place for women and Mothers

  • Flexible working hours

  • leadership


What is your passion outside of work? What do you like to do?

  • I am a volunteer tutor /teacher at local community center in Flushing , New York.

  • Teach Language and Math for elementary school kids to prepare them for common core

  • Spend 2nd Saturdays of each month at Soup Kitchen

  • Donate and participate with Breast Cancer Walk at Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York.




What is your educational background?

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Industrial Psychology

(Hofstra University, New York – Class of 2006)


How has support changed since you started?

A lot.

  • From Phone and email only support to multimedia support.
  • Such as WebEx, VPN, Communities, Chat, email…etc
  • Degree Program at Support University
  • Labs on Demand


Why should people be involved in the communities?

Keep connected and to be aware of current technology and issues.


Why should customers read Knowledge Articles?

To be proactive.

Try to avoid problems.

To be self-awareness and educate themselves.


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Follow the Support Engineer Here: Yanna




04-08-2016 09:09 AM


Completely agree with MelissaPotvin.........really appreciate all that you do for the community and for the product. Keep up the great work. I am sure we will be working on many more CA Support Cases in the future




12-07-2015 03:40 PM

Yanna :  thank you for all that you do to support this product and this community!