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General availability of Cumulative Patch (CP2) for Symantec Identity Suite Virtual Appliance v14.2

By Itamar Budin posted 02-12-2020 09:41 AM


The Symantec Identity Suite team are proud to announce the general availability of newest cumulative patch (CP2) for our Virtual Appliance versions 14.2

In this release, we have added some new and existing features, including:

  • Support to Change Database Connection Configurations
    • Virtual Appliance allows you to change the database connection configurations from the web UI without redeploying the entire solution.
  • Connection Pool Configuration Support for an Add-on Datasource
    • Virtual Appliance supports the following connection pool configuration parameters for an add-on datasource
  • Support for Proxy Configuration
    • Virtual Appliance allows you to configure proxy parameters such as Log Levels, Connection Timeout and Retry Timeout.
  • Customize Monitoring Frequency for an External Oracle Database
    • By default, Virtual Appliance monitors the availability of an external Oracle database every 5 minutes. Virtual Appliance now allows an administrator to customize the frequency at which an external Oracle database can be monitored.
  • Configure MDB Maximum Sessions [Applicable only to Identity Manager]
    • Virtual Appliance sets the maximum number of sessions for MDB to 50. You can also change the value of the MDB maximum sessions to a desired value.
For complete list of enhancements and fixes, please see here:

To download this patch, please follow this URL:

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Itamar Budin

Product Management Lead  - Identity Suite | Symantec Software Division

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