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General availability for Layer7 Identity Suite Virtual Appliance cumulative patches for version 14.2 and 14.3

By Itamar Budin posted 30 days ago


The Layer7 Identity Suite team are proud to announce the general availability of newest cumulative patches for our Virtual Appliance versions 14.2 and 14.3.

In this release, we have added some new and existing features:

  • Virtual Appliance is now shipped with AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.0_212.
    CA Identity Suite has shifted the primary support from Oracle JDK to AdoptOpenJDK, a popular free version of Java that derives its source from OpenJDK. The Cumulative Patch replaces the embedded Oracle Java libraries in the components with the AdoptOpenJDK libraries.

    Note: After applying the Cumulative Patch, the Java folder is still named jdk1.8.0_71. However, the content of the folder corresponds to AdoptOpenJDK. To verify the version, run $> java -version.

    For more information, please see our official announcements here: 

  • Configure Session Timeout and Upload Size for Identity Manager and Identity Governance. For more information, see Session Timeout and Upload Size.

  • Configure Transaction Timeout for Identity Portal. For more information, see Transaction Timeout.

  • Configure additional JDBC driver module on Identity Manager and Identity Portal application servers. For more information, see Configuring Virtual Appliance.

  • Virtual Appliance can now be monitored remotely using Java Profiles (For example: Application Performance Management, JProfilers). For more information, see Monitoring Virtual Appliance.

  • The addJBossDatasource command has now removed the requirement to store the database password in the Datasource configuration file. On invoking the addJBossDatasource command, it prompts the user for database password. For more information, see Configure an External Data Source.

  • The Random Number Generator (RNGD) service used for setting the entropy is disabled on the Virtual Appliance.
In addition, we have release numerous fixes. 

Here are the official links:



Thanks in advance

Itamar Budin

Product Management Lead  - Identity Suite | Enterprise Software Division

CA, A Broadcom Company