DX Application Performance Management

What’s New in DX App Synthetic Monitor 10.4

By Ashley George posted 29 days ago


DX App Synthetic Monitor (DX ASM) 10.4 is now available! There are a variety of updates in this release meant to help improve upon our existing features and functionality - to ultimately improve the overall usability of DX ASM for our customers. 

The updates in this release include: 

Ability to configure an HTTP proxy at the monitor level
You can now choose to use a custom proxy server when creating a new monitor or editing an existing one - allowing you to better understand if an issue if occurring do to the proxy server and not your website. 
You can use a custom proxy for the following monitor types in DX ASM:  HTTP, HTTPS, Fullpage and Webdriver.  

Webdriver Enhancements
Since releasing the Webdriver monitor, we are continuing to make enhancements with each release. In this release, the following enhancements have been made: 
  • Support for Basic Digest Authentication
  • Support for all *Eval commands
  • Webdriver command-line interface now supports an option to ignore SSL certificate checks

Improved Jmeter Errors validation 
We have made improvements to the Jmeter errors validation to allow for better handling of 401 HTTP response. 

The Benefits of Synthetic Monitoring 

By leveraging a synthetic monitoring solution, you can monitor the performance of your applications even at times when you have no real users. Allowing you to find and fix any issues before your customer experience suffers.

For more details on the latest enhancements, please consult our documentation