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What you may have missed (August 24 - August 30)

By Anon Anon posted 09-02-2015 09:29 AM


* NOTICE - On August 17 we advised the community that we would be removing the CA Performance Center category.  This migration has been completed.  Please take a minute to read this article so you are clear on how this impacts our community and your content:   https://communities.ca.com/thread/241738163



Marketplace @CA for CA UIM, Ideas & a Contest.



Webcast Recap - Making Spectrum Easy to Use


UPCOMING EVENTS - You are asking for more office hours so here they are!  please let us know if you can attend, you can RSVP in the links below (and you can download an ICS)

September 22 --> CA Performance Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [September 2015]

October 6 --> CA UIM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [October 2015]

October 15 --> CANCELLED: CA eHealth Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [October 2015]

November 3 --> (cancelled) CA Spectrum Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [November 2015]

December 3 --> CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA) Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [December 2015]



BLOG: Managing the known and unknown in a virtual world


NEW TECH TIPS:   (we are seeing more and more customer generated tech tips. Thank you very much for taking the time to document and share with the community)

CA Visual Infrastructure - how to enable Smart Interfaces for PDUs

TECH TIP: DbMigrate threw an exception on upgrading from PRE 2.3.3 version of Infrastructure Management

Tech Tip: NV - Event Log Filtering

Tech Tip: Can you add a Spectrum data source to 2 separate CAPC instances?

Tech Tip - minimal probe requirements for a DCIM implementation

Tip: eHealth debugging can crash eHealth

Tech Tip: A workaround for using Download Manager with Chrome

Tech Tip: Multi-tenancy in UIM



August 2015 Webcast - Making Spectrum Easy to Use

SDN/NFV Assurance In The Application Economy



Wireless Monitoring & Performance Reporting

Add the "Or" option to snmpcollector template editor filter functions


CA Spectrum

Spectrum Sizing with new tool +/- CABI


CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

USM: Color Scheme

CUEGTW probe should have API connection lost alarm

niscache file deletion

Oracle Probe Checkpoint - Query Time Out Option alike SQLSERVER Probe

Method to enable qos for items not enabled OOTB

CASDGTW Probe: Custom Close Status in update query.

Create a document with probes and all metrics being monitored by them

Create a single interface to provide probes being deployed and their configuration

SNMP extracting Trap informaton


CA  Spectrum / UIM

More efficient NAS Auto-Operator profiles


CA eHealth

ehealth user id password max character length should be made 9 character


CA Performance Management

Self Monitoring: Add DA/ActiveMQ java heap usage

Show Rediscover Status after execution

Save scheduled pdf/csv reports on CAPC server and choose a target directory

Change the default handling of SNMP counter rollovers in CAPC back to the way it was pre-2.5.0


CA Performance Management / CA Mediation Manager

Disregard uncertified metrics on DC (Engine)

Use DP Cust. Tool also with more than a few device packs


CA Network Flow Analysis

Batch update to configure Hostname to IP Address in NFA


Need well known IANA Port mapped to Protocol Name in NFA



Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure to Support Vsphere 6.0

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