Centralizing Banking with Clarity: A customer story

By Alf Abuhajleh posted 04-08-2021 01:06 PM


When you share a solution with 26 different franchises, who operate largely independently, you had better make sure it meets their needs. And if it’s still in use, and widely adopted, more than a decade later, you know you did something right. We sat down to talk Clarity with this public financial institution.

Q: What were the challenges you needed to overcome to be successful?

A: We have 26 different client groups, many of whom act as independent organizations. We needed a way to provide them with time tracking and project management capabilities that could be standardized and integrated while also allowing those groups the freedom to operate how they wanted. We needed to offer planning and portfolio management capabilities to those who wanted it, and we wanted a solution that could act as a hub for all project related data.

Q: How did you go about addressing those problems

A: We focused on a solution that offered easy adoption – there are over 5,000 users, easy customization to meet the varying needs, and the ability to integrate with financial and other systems to ensure we had a single source of truth where it was needed. 

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