Clarity Customer Newsletter (Mar. 2021)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted 04-07-2021 11:00 AM

Explore Clarity Teams (Webcast)
Working as a team is critical to any business success. Learn more about working with teams in Clarity with Mary Lichtenauer, Broadcom Solutions Engineer and Clarity expert, as she takes us through the business benefits.

Linda's Corner: Project Management
That Clarity handles project management is hardly earth shattering news, we know, but do you realize just how well Clarity handles project management? In the latest episode of Linda’s Corner, we learn how easy it is to ensure consistency across hundreds or thousands of initiatives, adjust allocations and tasks, manage finances, and track and report on all of the above. It’s so simple and intuitive Linda explains all of that in just a few minutes!

Media Company Fly Sky High with Clarity
Entertainment companies operate in a tough world. With 24 million customers across seven European countries, this company had a very diverse demand to meet, and it had to do it effectively and efficiently. That brought a number of unique challenges. Here’s an excerpt from a recent discussion on Clarity.

Transforming Annual Planning from Project to Product (Live Webcast April 22 at 1 pm ET)
The reality is the shift from Project to Products starts with Annual Planning. If that is going to happen your organization needs to start now with discussions on end state and how you are going to get your people, process, and technology set up to achieve this transformation. Join us and learn.