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Preparing for Day One in New Digital Business World

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Apr 24, 2020 12:40 PM


It’s inspiring to watch businesses coming to grips with the impact of COVID-19. In every industry, the more forward-thinking companies have stopped reacting to the current situation and instead are planning for a future after COVID-19. And they aren’t looking at it as a return to the old normal, but as an opportunity to create something new and exciting.

Those are words you’ve probably not heard much lately – opportunity, exciting – but they are part of your future. Make no mistake, there will be significant challenges ahead, and if you are currently in crisis response mode, struggling with difficult furlough decisions, then exciting opportunities may seem like a distant fantasy. We need to prepare, however, because the future is closer than we think.

Check out our webcast on Preparing for Day One in the Digital Business World with Clarity Product Manager Brian Nathanson.

Because COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of life we need to reassess the fundamentals of our business. There is a need to press the restart button, to create a Day One of the post-COVID-19 world. Those of you who’ve been through of a corporate merger will know what I mean: The official first day at the combined company brings fresh opportunities for exciting innovation and the chance to take on new challenges. But it also triggers a great amount of fear of the unknown.

That’s the future for every business. Recovery isn’t about resumption, it’s not about restarting what was stopped, it is about embracing new opportunities, prioritizing investments, embracing innovation and delivering rapid success. In this blog series we’re going to explore some of those elements, including:

  • Adaptive strategy management
  • Embracing new and changed business models to optimize digital relationships
  • The shift to an innovation-driven, digitally-enabled operating model

We know you’re busy dealing with the fallout of this pandemic right now. But we also know that as leaders you’re starting to turn your thoughts to the future and what that might look like. There’s a whole new first-mover advantage up for grabs - in every industry. But there’s also the looming fear of another setback.

At Broadcom, we too are thinking about the future and how we can help you. Our ValueOps Digital Business and Agile Management solution, combining industry-leading Clarity and Rally Software, helps you prepare for Day One with just the right amount of transparency and efficiency to drive value streams in a new digital business world.