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 About VCP-DCV (2V0-21.20)...

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JINWOO KIM posted May 23, 2024 02:44 AM

Hello, masters!

I passed the VCP-DCV (2V0-21.20) test last year.
And I was going to get CCNA and VCP-NV this year.
However, I heard that the certification policy has changed since May 6th.

If I get VCP-NV 2024 [v2], can I activate VCP-DCV (2V0-21.20)?

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Broadcom Employee Karl Childs

Hi Jinwoo Kim,

Since the certifications are awarded based on the year the requirements are met, you would still need to pass the latest exam (2V0-21.23) to earn the VCP-DCV 2024 [v2] certification.


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What I want is not VCP-DCV 2024 [v2].
I already passed the VPC-DCV (2V0-21.20) test.
So if I get certified VCP-NV 2024 [v2], I wonder if VCP-DCV (2V0-21.20) will be activated.

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Broadcom Employee vmtraining

Since Karl owns the certification program for VMware, I would take his answer as correct.

You did not complete the requirements of VCP-DCV 2023 in 2023.

You would now need to meet the requirements of VCP-DCV 2024 since we are in 2024.

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Broadcom Employee Sharelle Patterson

The 2V0-21.20 exam retired on Jan 31, 2024. Because you didn't complete all requirements in 2023 or when the exam was still an option in 2024, you will need to take the most current exam - 2V0-21.23. Even if you earned your VCP-NV 2024 [v2], the same exam is required to earn your VCP-DCV.