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VCP Exam without training.

Anil Patil

Anil PatilMay 20, 2022 03:46 AM


damin201110141Oct 04, 2023 10:01 AM

Mohamed Hamdy Boraik Ahmed

Mohamed Hamdy Boraik AhmedOct 26, 2023 10:06 AM

  • 1.  VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Mar 25, 2022 12:30 PM

    Hi all, 

    I know I need to attend the training to attain VCP 'Certificate'. 

    However, due to my current situation, I am unable to do that. 

    so, I have 2 questions.

    1.   Is it possible to book and appear for the VCP exam - prior to taking the training classes? 

    2.  and if I appear and pass the exam - would I get a results score indicating I passed the exam?


    thanks for any and all insights on this peculiar question. 



  • 2.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 25, 2022 12:40 PM

    1. You can complete the training requirement and the exam requirement in any order, so yes anyone can attempt/pass the exam.

    2. Yes, in the Certification Manager:

    You cannot claim to be a VCP though, you won't have achieved the certification until you have met all the requirements.


  • 3.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 17, 2022 12:57 AM

    I think the mandatory training course attendance protects the validity/reputation of the certifications. I wish more vendors followed VMWare’s lead on that requirement.  

  • 4.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 12, 2023 06:31 PM

    The problem is that req courses are too expensive.

  • 5.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 25, 2023 08:07 PM

    I think "Shakedown" is an appropriate term. I have passed the 5, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 and 7.x exam WITHOUT the stupid, pointless class. No, I =do not= have a VCP certification. My employers have been fine to accept the exam results without spending the stupidly, ridiculous "money grab shakedown" courses. I am scheduled to sit for the VCP "8" level exam soon, and will pass it no problem. Oh well. 


  • 6.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 26, 2023 05:43 AM


    Please is possible to tell me where you have done exam without need to to go to the class?


  • 7.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 26, 2023 08:02 AM
    Anyone can take the exam, but you don't get any certification unless you've also completed authorised training, so can't call yourself a VCP.

  • 8.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 26, 2023 01:44 PM

    I've tried really hard to stay out of this discussion, but at this point I feel like there's a need to reply.

    As an instructor for VMware, I can tell you of countless times when I've had students in my class who are certified on previous versions of our products who come to me after a particular lecture who say, "I never knew that, I've been doing it wrong for years. Thank you!".

    I can assure you that this is not a "money grab" or "shakedown", and nobody at VMware attempts to require those that purchase our products to have certified engineers on staff. VMware's education business is extremely small relative to the entire company. Our mission simply is to advocate best practices and knowledge of our products to ease adoption, and to help our customers be successful.  Certification systems work for us (all of us) because it pre-qualifies IT engineers and says to employers, "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

    While passing an exam says that you know how to answer a particular question, it doesn't speak to a wholistic knowledge of a product or system in the same way that sitting in a class with an expert instructor and other students for a week and having in-depth discussions on the technology and the environments in which it's deployed.

    We all know of the stories of Microsoft's certifications in the early 2000's.  You could read a book, pass an exam, and call yourself a MCP.  That doesn't mean you know anything about how to manage a Windows server or AD at scale.  It doesn't mean that you have any experience. I remember going to a job fair in 2002 after the first dot com crash where there were lines out the door of people waiting to get in.  There was a sign outside the door that said, "No MCP's needed." The value of that certification dropped to zero.

    VMware's certifications are valuable and highly respected precisely because they require strong knowledge and experience to obtain. They tell an employer that you've invested in your education and that you truly have expertise that can't be gained simply by reading a manual.

    Through VMware's IT Academy program, VMware has created a system that lowers the cost to entry for young IT professionals looking to gain knowledge and get a start in the industry. Links to that program and institutions that offer that program have been repeatedly linked in this thread.  This is the exact same course that is offered through VMware Learning's direct instruction, and it qualifies in the same way for the education component of the certification process.

    I feel sorry for those that don't have an employer that's willing to invest in their employee's education enough to give you a week to get smarter, but I understand that in some small organizations that a $3-4k investment is heavy.  In that case, the IT Academy might be just the right fit.

    Finally, for those of you that haven't had the opportunity to keep their certification current I recommend some of our more advanced classes. Don't take our Install, Configure, and Manage classes again.  On the vSphere side we have vSphere Design, Operate, Scale and Secure, and Troubleshooting to name a few.  We also have What's New classes for those that are certified who want to make sure they keep their certification current. In that case you only have to take the class. No new exam needed.

    I am very proud of the certification program at VMware. We work hard to make sure it is a reasonable and fair process, and that your investment in time and money earns a significant return in your career.

    Thanks for reading.  Sincerely,

    Joe Cooper
    VCP, VCAP, VCIX, etc., etc.

  • 9.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 29, 2023 07:04 AM

    Hi All,

    I'have a small organisation and it's not about $3k - $4k it's much more, while we try to get also be certified for Clouds and there is it more than 3times higher ( now need about $15k for the needed exams ), while its needed to have more people certified and there is also much more exams needed. By the way this new system and not the new one discriminates small companies as my.

    I understand that all something costs, but I thing that the exams can be something cheaper while its also in the interest of VMware that we have it and can sell more their products while all is related to the certificates and levels that come with it.

    The now needed and many times nothing or not so much bringing courses are free and also needed. There I can tell you that I thing that VMware can give also more - much more courses or webinars with more useful - technical informations like installations, optimisation or and so one which can more help people and lower the cost for their exams.

    Hope this will read also people from VMware and will it takes as a feature request to improve they learning system and I'm happy to have this community that here can we find more help as sometimes by support.


  • 10.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 29, 2023 01:46 PM


    You can :

    1- Attend the course Designing, Configuring, and Managing the VMware Cloud (Free for a limited time),check on this page the course link :

    2- Pass the VCP-VMC int costs 250$

    3- if you successfully pass, you will hold the VCP-VMC certificate and then you can pass the VCP-DCV exam for 250$ and obtain the certificate.

    I think that's the best available option for now.

    Kodus if you find my answer useful.


  • 11.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jun 20, 2023 05:53 AM


    thanks I co over it.

    I would like to know if are there also free VSP-NS/SV and VTSP-SV/NS courses?



  • 12.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 20, 2023 07:48 AM
    For partners, yes, since VSP and VTSP are partner certifications.

  • 13.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Oct 02, 2023 09:30 PM

    Is there an alternative solution or a discounted rate available if you don't have partner access?

  • 14.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 03, 2023 08:01 AM

    There is only 1 VCP which does not have a training requirement IF you hold certain Cisco certifications. Check the Cisco path here:

    If that doesn't apply to you or it's not the VCP you want to achieve, there are no alternatives to completing authorised VMware training (either directly with VMware, with a VMware Authorised Training Center partner, or with a VMware IT Academy)

  • 15.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Sep 08, 2023 09:57 PM

    Could not disagree more. I am a 2x CCIE, AWS Architect and LONG time VMware engineer (since GSX/Workstation 1 days). Prior to the advent of stable, useable Cloud platforms, I helped build three greenfield data centers, one being a solo effort on my part. I'm in a 30+ year career. My highest level certifications have only cost me exam fees, nothing else. Everything I know and can do are a result of real-world VLS implementations of data center technologies, of nearly every kind. I cannot count the number of virtualization engineers who have been very successful in this field who have ZERO VMware certifications nor training, and could de-facto teach your "certification courses" blind folded. Now that we are 98% into multi- and poly- cloud environments, and have effectively sunset our vSphere stacks, I am not sure I care to pass whatever exam comprises vSphere 8 content. I was only passing the exams to keep my employers happy. They needed no other proof. I do love VMWare Workstation and I plan to always keep my installation on the latest version, and that is where it will probably end for me. Goodbye VMWare, it was nice knowing you.  

  • 16.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 20, 2022 03:46 AM

    Thanks for info.

  • 17.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jul 12, 2023 03:14 AM

    Hi All,


    Since taking training for VCP course is mandatory either from VMware official classroom or from its vendors platform prior giving an exam to earn the VCP certificate, Can anyone confirm that if I have completed my training from Udemy platform then will it be considered as completed or done from the official partner platform of VMware or not?

    Kindly clarify the above query.



    Krishan Gopal


  • 18.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jul 12, 2023 04:08 AM

    Hi Krishan, 

    You must attend a training from VMware Authorised Trainer Center with a VCI Trainer.... Udemy training does not fulfil the requirment.

  • 19.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 12, 2023 05:40 AM


    No, training from Udemy is not authorised in meeting the requirement for a VCP.

    The training which is authorised is listed on the VMware website, such as:

    You always have the option of completing authorised training after passing the exam though.



  • 20.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jul 12, 2023 08:48 AM

    but certification cost very high. it's not affordable to me. please suggest any other way. my four months' salary is nearly $1000.  one month ago, I bought a VMware vcp tutorial from Udemy. 

  • 21.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jul 12, 2023 08:53 AM

    unfortunately there isn't another way. Udemy as other people here already pointed out is not Official.

    What  can suggest again is to do the IT Academy course with a local VMware academy near you. 
    In theory, but I think it's a standard for all the VMware IT Academy around the globe inside the cost of the "Two courses" ICM and OSS you have also a big discount for the Exam. 

    This is the cheaper "official" way in my opinion. Check with the local it academy the cost, they also sometimes offer discounts

  • 22.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 12, 2023 12:31 PM
    As per other replies, taking the authorised training with a VITA is the only cheaper option, bear in mind that you must be paying for the training by yourself, and the training will be spread out over many weeks.

  • 23.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 17, 2022 11:41 PM

    There was a time when you were able to do that, I did it, but not anymore, you need to comply with all requirements to be reconignized with the VCP.

  • 24.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 18, 2022 02:57 AM

    To get the certification you will have to take the VMware course online or in person from an approved education vendor before or after the exam.

  • 25.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 20, 2022 03:41 PM

    If you would like to get your VCP without taking the training course and have some interest in networking, you could also:

    1. Get your CCNA (works in lieu of training for VCP-NV cert)

    2. Get your VCP-NV

    3. Get your VCP-DCV

    Still cheaper than purchasing the training and you end up with three certs.

  • 26.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 12, 2023 06:25 PM

    I think not anymore, as of may 2023, I only see vSpere courses as accepted

    But at least my CCNA will be accepted for NSX-T cert. Thanks for the tip.

  • 27.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 20, 2022 04:23 PM

    CBT Nuggets has a really good VMWare training course. You might be able to sign up for a 30 day free trial. It won't count toward the certification, but if you need technical info its a good place to go.




  • 28.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted May 22, 2022 05:39 PM

    Tips for the training:

    • The cheapest variant is still to book a training through an official VMware IT Academy (eg. that offers the class in Continuing Education manner... It won't be the fastest as it usually takes 12 weeks to complete but you can get it for much lower price.
    • Also mind the fact that On-demand version of the classes (and both classes counting towards the VCP DCV have on-demand version) is cheaper than the on-site class / online version and also comes with a voucher for the actual exam..


  • 29.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jan 06, 2023 10:15 AM

    I gave up after going through the training requirements. Instead, I set up a small lab with 2 hosts and followed CBT nuggets, 

  • 30.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Jul 12, 2023 05:52 AM

    I'm working with a Local IT Academy, I think there's one in each country so check also if where you live there's VMware IT Academy near you, could be that you can find a VCP-DCV ICM/OS full course with an affordable price.
    This is how I get my first VMware training and in this case if fully certified by VMware.

  • 31.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Aug 23, 2023 04:18 AM

    you can take the exam prior to attending official training or after. But VMware will process your certificate only after completing both exam and required official training.

  • 32.  RE: VCP Exam without training.

    Posted Aug 23, 2023 01:32 PM

    Full VCP Certification only if you got both.

    You will get a Certification for passing the exam, but no VCP title.


  • 33.  RE: VCP Exam without training.