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NEW! Training Videos for Datacom SQL Performance Analyzer

  • 1.  NEW! Training Videos for Datacom SQL Performance Analyzer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 03, 2022 10:00 AM
    Are you looking to get started with the new Datacom SQL Performance Analyzer? Check out these two videos. 

    • Datacom™: Installing SQL Performance Analyzer 200 (06DCM20140).
      This video provides instructions on installing and configuring Datacom™ SQL Performance Analyzer.
    • Datacom™: Using SQL Performance Analyzer 200 (06DCM20150)
      This video provides an overview of the easy-to-use graphical interface, where you can:
      • Monitor the current transactions
      • Cancel any problematic transactions
      • Find the cause of a slow query, isolate the root cause, and perform query tuning
      • Generate Optimization reports
      • Set limits for the query execution

    Both these videos are available at Learning@Broadcom and are provided at no cost to customers on active maintenance. Unsure how to access the training? Our Quick Reference Guide is here to help you out.

    Mark Hunter
    Sr. Instructional Designer
    Mainframe Education
    Broadcom Software