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  • 1.  Spooler Consuming More Memory

    Posted 3 days ago

    Hi Community Support,

    We're experiencing an issue with the spooler service on our server, which is consuming an excessive amount of memory. Please help us understand why the spooler service is using so much memory and identify the root cause of this issue.

     Why Spooler probe consuming high memory. if we deactivate the spooler probe, all the memory has been free.



  • 2.  RE: Spooler Consuming More Memory

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 3 days ago

    What version is the robot, and how much memory is it consuming?

    Is this robot collecting a large amount of metrics? Is there any issue with communication between the hub and robot?

    A robot which has a large number of profiles configured to collect metrics (especially if they are MCS "Enhanced" profiles) may use more memory on the spooler,  although I would not expect it to be excessive - but additionally, the spooler will hold messages in memory as it queues them up for delivery to the hub. 

    So, if the robot is having trouble pushing the collected data to its hub in a timely fashion it could cause the memory usage of spooler to increase as the messages are getting backed up.

    If you disable the monitoring probes (cdm, processes, and so on) on this robot, does it impact the memory usage?   It might be helpful to deactivate the probes one by one, and see if any particular probe might be responsible for generating an excessive amount of spooler traffic, for example.  We have seen issues in the past with this related to the "snmptd" probe where it was sending around 100,000 trap alerts per hour - something like that can cause the spooler memory to go very high.