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IDMS/IPCS Report Writer (2023/04/03)

  • 1.  IDMS/IPCS Report Writer (2023/04/03)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 03, 2024 02:43 PM
    The current version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Writer has been uploaded and is now available for use by the client community.
    It is labeled "IDMS/IPCS Report Writer V3.2 (2024-04-03)" in the Library Section.
    If, after using the IDMS/IPCS Report Writer, you find problems, please let me know. My contact information is in the REXX.
    Also, if you find that you find that a report needs to have additional information, please let me know, the tool is always in flux.
    That also applies to new reports that you would want to see from the Report Writer.
    Keep in mind that the Report Writer works with batch application program abends as well as CV abends. If you choose to process your batch program abends with the Report Writer you will need to make sure that you have a SYSMDUMP DD statement as well as turn off any abend processing features that I will not endorse here, but you probably know which ones I mean.
    The file is a tersed PDS and contains the following members.
    Note, when you download it, it will be downloaded as a ZIP file.
    You will need to remove the ".ZIP" extension before uploading to the mainframe.
    Remember to upload it to the mainframe as binary and then un-terse it.
    The following members are in the PDS.
    $CHANGES      A partial list if changes that have been made to the Report Writer.
    $FMIDS        A support member used by the Report Writer.
    @GLBLVS@      Global default values.
    @GROUPS@      Group definitions.
    IDDUMPOS      Utility tool that can be used to identify the IPCS release level if there are multiple release available in your shop.
    IDMSISET      Utility tool for dump control. Most people may not use this, but it's here.
    IDMSREXX      The IDMS/IPCS Report Writer.
    IPCSJCL       Sample JCL that can be used as a starter job if you don't already have an batch TSO job to run IPCS in batch versus online.