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Datacom Server 15.1 PassTickets Enhancement Training Now Available!

  • 1.  Datacom Server 15.1 PassTickets Enhancement Training Now Available!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 20, 2024 04:19 PM

    Hello Datacom Community!

    Training is now available for the Datacom Server 15.1 PassTickets Enhancement!

    New Video Now Available for Datacom

    Datacom Server 15.1 now supports PassTickets. PassTickets provide improved security and help prevent problems associated with password expiration for the Datacom Server Mainframe region.  Watch this video to learn about PassTickets with Datacom Server, which includes an overview and benefits, how to set up and configure PassTicket support within Datacom Server, and the new error and warning messages.

    Code Title  Duration
    06DCM20330 Datacom Server 15.1 PassTickets Enhancement (LU12671) 200 11 Minutes


    Accessing the Training
    • Employees - Launch the Learning@Broadcom tile on your Okta page and search for the course you're looking to consume.
    • External Audiences - Our mainframe web-based training is provided at no-cost to customers on active maintenance. Does our customer need help accessing the training? Our Quick Reference Guide is here to help them out.

    This training video is also made available on YouTube!    Datacom Server PassTicket Enhancement Overview

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    Datacom Server PassTicket Enhancement Overview
    In this video, you will understand the Datacom Server enhancement to support PassTickets, understand the benefits of using PassTickets, and understand how to set up Datacom Server to enable PassTicket support.
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