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  • 1.  vcenter manageViews extension point

    Posted Sep 10, 2019 08:51 AM


    Our plugin is adding manageViews extension points for different objects (datastore, VM, Host, Cluster..). I am trying to also add a manage view to the top-level, "vCenter" object. i.e. when you click on a vCenter object, and go to "Configure", I want to add a tab that opens a view specifically created for this object. Currently, the tab that opens is a for a "Folder" object, as if the vCenter is a folder rather than its own object. Other than trying to "guess" that the vCenter "folder" is actually a vCenter, is there a way to tell the client to open a separate tab for this object?


  • 2.  RE: vcenter manageViews extension point

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 10, 2019 02:01 PM



    Currently, adding a top level tab is not supported for vSphere Objects. You can plug into the "Configure" tab and place your view there by using "vsphere.core.folder.manageViews" extension point.

    Although a little bit confusing, the vCenter Server object is a type of a folder, specifically a root folder.


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