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  • hello. Is there any further update, Patching Security vunerabilties is an importing need and now that the update facility no longer works its an extremely time consuming process to do it manually. Does anyone else know if a 3rd party solution ...

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    Hi Experts, I wanted to run some powerCLI comments in vCenter that comment needs to fetch all the available ...

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    I cannot get cli to work expanding the esxi datastore to the full size of the host's array after adding ...

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    Hello According to https://developer.vmware.com/docs/17426/GUID-37D43B1E-F185-4B1F-B516-F335FF6AF30B.html ...

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    Estou com o seguinte erro na hora que vou fazer o backup no acronis: O VMware retornou o seguinte erro ao criar um instantâneo fechado: “Ocorreu um erro ao salvar o instantâneo: Falha ao desativar a máquina virtual. Ocorreu um erro ...

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    steal time calculation

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    Hi, it there a way to detect/estimate steal time in a virtual machine when stealtime.enabled is set to false in the vSphere/ESXi settings.